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Our Epoxy-Polyethylene/Polyprophylene Coating Pipe (3-Layer) offers the following excellent features.
A) Excellent resistance to cathodic disbonding and excellent water proofing.
B) Excellent strength and impact resistance.
C) Wide range of servics temperatures. (-45 to 80)
D) Pinhole free homogeneous coating.
Manufacturing Process
This type of coating is appliued by spraying epoxy power on proheated pipes in order to quickly cure the epoxy and applied cross head extrusion type of coating for the small diameter pipes (1.2~16 inches).
And then applied by extruding flat film and wrapping it round for the medium and large diameter pipes (8~66 inches).
A) The external surface is show-blasted (SIS 05.59.00 Sa 21/1) by removing millscale and rust, obtaining metal surface to facilitates the adhesion.
B) The pipe is heated in a gas oven at a controlled temperature.
C) The pite is then covered with epoxy power by electrostatic guns.
D) The adhesive (Copolymer) is then applied by Cross Head Extrusion or Side Extrusion.
E) Immediately afterwards, the exturded polyethylene/polyprophylene is coated again on top of the epoxy coated pipe.
F) After application of the polyethylene/polyprophylene, the pipe is cooled by air and water.
Corrosion-resistant underground pipelines for the transport of Gas, Oil, Water, etc.
Corrosion-resistant Shore and onshore pipelines for the construction basic.
Available Sizes
Outside diameter : 1/2~66 inches (21.3~1650 mm)
Wall thickness : 0.3~0.9 inches (7.1~22.8 mm)
Length : 20~60ft (6.0~18.0 mm)
Thickness of Coating
Epoxy : 2~4 miles (50~100 microns)
Adhesive & P.E : 2~5 mm
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